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za jul 31, 2021
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The portfolio of T&T Solutions consists of following solutions:

Up-to-date customised travel information

Is the provision of reliable and speedy transport from A to B your core business? Or are you involved in policy making for government regarding the accessibility in your region? In the first case one of your most important tasks is to set yourself apart from the growing amount of competitors in the market. As government policy maker you want to make public transport more accessible to every one.  

Efficient information provision in the event of dalays 

You, of course, put together travel schedules and information booklets with the greatest of care. And you always strive for an optimum connection between the various journeys. But unexpected events can upset these schedules. What people find the most annoying about this is often not so much the delay itself but the fact that they do not know whether and when they can continue their journey.

The right vehicles at the right place 

Do you always know exactly where your vehicles are? Do you know which buses, trains, trams, taxis or other means of transport can be deployed immediately or soon, and how they have been deployed in the schedule? All these are questions that you have to be able to answer if you are to make optimum use of your business resources. 

Putting together timetables and travel booklets quickly and flexibly

The annual introduction of a new timetable is always the cause of a lot of (over) work and stress. And as soon as the timetable is ready, the travellers have to be informed of this. This means that in a very short period of time, train and bus timetables have to be put together and printed.


One-stop-shop for comfortable travel 

Where once a trip from Maastricht to Groningen was quite an adventure, these days a weekend trip to New York doesn't seem to raise any eyebrows. People not only travel more, they demand more from their transport companies. A journey must be quick, affordable, accessible and comfortable. Transport companies can only meet these demands if all elements of the journey chain are linked to one another flexibly and optimally.

Always an optimum planning

As a transport company you deal with customers or consignments who has to be picked-up precisely on time and brought to their destination as quickly as possible. This requirement can, however, clash with your efforts to be efficient. Ideally you do not want your vehicles to be driving around without ‘payload’. Besides you have to deal with the legal regulations regarding work and rest times and the conditions to perform transport services and , if possible, with the personal preferences of your drivers.



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