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Track & Trace

The right vehicles quickly at the right place 

Do you always know exactly where your vehicles are? Do you know which buses, trains, trams, taxis or other means of transport can be deployed immediately or soon, and how they have been deployed in the schedule? All these are questions that you have to be able to answer if you are to make optimum use of your business resources. And with Track & Trace developed by EDS you can do this effortlessly.

Particularly in situations that deviate from the normal timetable it is not always easy to continue providing the service that customers expect from you. Where can you find enough buses that quickly so that you can carry on transporting passengers? For example, when a route has become impassable due to an accident. And how do you ensure that vehicles are not regularly left unused in the depot or breakdown along the route? Both situations are undesirable. But the demand for transport changes constantly and is not always easy to predict. With Track & Trace of EDS T&T Solutions you have a good and flexible solution with which you can determine immediately which vehicles are available and where they are at that particular moment. 

Automatic comparisons

The Track & Trace application has been developed by T&T Solutions in collaboration with ARS Traffic & Transport Technology. The system consists of three autonomous modules: a central office application, an on-board application for every vehicle and a communication system between office and vehicle. The on-board unit is very robust and suitable for rough environments and is certified for use on trains.

Track & Trace automatically compares the planned timetable and the use of vehicle with the actual situation. Based on the differences within this, it is determined how many and which (extra) vehicles have to be deployed.

For this all the office timetables and plans for vehicle deployment are used. The timetables can also be made available to the vehicles. These can be used to pass on information to the travellers. As the current position is constantly tracked and passed on to the office, the traveller can be informed immediately of any delays and connections.

On board the vehicle itself it is recorded when and which stops or stations are passed. This also helps to keep an accurate record of the kilometres travelled. Preventative maintenance can therefore be carried out for each vehicle on the basis of the number of kilometres covered rather than the originally planned kilometres.

Combined GPS / GSM antennaOn Board Unit

Now and in the future

The communication between office and vehicle takes place via GSM at very low annual costs. Because the system is fully computerised, it saves considerably on labour costs. Furthermore, the system is highly flexible and open. It can easily be built into every sort of vehicle without any radical modifications in hardware or software being required. Also the interfaces to external systems do not form any problem. You can therefore continue using Track & Trace in the future even when there are changes.

Request Status of Rolling Stock

A dedicated internet applicatie is developed for the Rolling Stock (Fleet) Managers. With this application the status of one or more trains or traintypes can be requested for and the actual position of the units are plotted on a map.

Read more about the application  Request Status of Rolling Stock

Project "de Groene Golf"

In June 2004, the project "de Groene Golf" was completed.  The purpose of this project was to demonstrate the positive effects of a Traffic Management Systeem (TMS) on the punctionality of all trains.

Read more about the project "de Groene Golf" and in the Dutch article "De Groene Golf op het spoor"


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