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za jul 31, 2021
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Putting together timetables and travel booklets quickly and flexibly

The annual introduction of a new timetable is always the cause of a lot of (over) work and stress. First of all, the schedule has to be drawn up. But you are not finished there. As soon as the timetable is ready, the travellers have to be informed of this. And this means that in a very short period of time, train and bus timetables have to be put together and printed. With PRINS, EDS T&T Solutions takes away much of this mundane work.

Every transport company that electronically records information on stops, timetables and geographic routes can profit from the ease of PRINS. What in effect PRINS does is to create a profile of the basic timetable. You determine yourself the form in which this is done and the data that is stored. You can give, for example, all journeys following a certain route or information on all trains, buses or trams in one or more directions.



Levelling off peaks

PRINS makes it possible to actually start developing the timetables and other travel information before the final timetable is ready. In this way you can determine well in advance which timetables and travel booklets you want to make. You make templates in which you indicate the information that you want to display and in which way. The moment the final timetable is ready, you can enter the correct information in this template based on the timetable.

By using PRINS in this way the peak in the work required when introducing the new timetable can be greatly reduced.




Six times faster

With PRINS putting together travel booklets and timetables is simpler and, above all, quicker. The NS (Dutch rail) can work with PRINS approximately six times faster than with the previous computerised system. The rail timetable book is now produced in two weeks. The production of customised information, for example the (extra) trains to and from the Nijmegen four-day walking event, takes just a few days using PRINS


In one's own hands

PRINS produces the timetables or the travel booklet in a format that is suitable for Adobe FramemakerTM. This way you can determine the layout of the timetable or travel booklet yourself. It is therefore simple to add pictures, such as advertisements and logos. Once this is finished you simply deliver this ready for use to the printer's, and you are always assured of a high printing quality.



Other advantages  

PRINS is not only very flexible and quick, it has a number of other benefits as well. It can generate certain texts automatically on the basis of travel patterns. For example, destination texts on timetables or footnotes in travel booklets. In addition, PRINS can help you generate timetables in two or more languages, such as what you often see at Schiphol Airport.
If there are any changes in the basic timetable,
PRINS will compare all existing timetables with the new situation. You will then get an overview of all timetables in which changes have occurred. So you only have to generate these particular tables again.


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