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za jul 31, 2021
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Chain Management


One-stop-shop for comfortable travel


Mobility has increased a great deal throughout the years. Where once a trip from Maastricht to Groningen was quite an adventure, these days a weekend trip to New York doesn't seem to raise any eyebrows. People not only travel more, they demand more from their transport companies. A journey must be quick, affordable, accessible and comfortable. Transport companies can only meet these demands if all elements of the journey chain are linked to one another flexibly and optimally. This is possible with chain management solutions of EDS T&T Solutions.


Ensuring the traveller has a quick and comfortable journey from door to door. This is what chain management is all about. A journey often consists of various stages, some by bus, others by taxi, and again others by train or plane. All separate services that have to come together to form a whole. The traveller, however, can encounter all sorts of problems and inconveniences on the way. It often begins as early on as the planning. Various services have to be compared with one another to ensure that the journey is as short, affordable and comfortable as possible. Then for each mode of transport a separate ticket has to be bought, settled and/or reserved.


Single point of contact

In an ideal situation there should be only one point of contact for the traveller. One place where he can go for the planning, booking and payment of the entire journey. This is where the chain management solutions of T&T Solutions come in. For the management of the entire chain, clear processes and a clear allocation of tasks are essential. First of all, there is the traveller. He contacts the chain manager and indicates the requirements he expects from the trip. Does he, for example, have a preference for speed and comfort or for price?


The chain manager then has to link the various elements of the journey together to form the optimum trip for this traveller. He reserves and books the necessary travel elements with various transport companies. In addition to this 'travel agent' function, it is also his task to inform the traveller of all the necessary travel details: where he must embark, disembark, when he departs, and when he arrives.


Flexible travel schedule

But things can also go wrong on the way. The bus may be delayed due to roadworks, the train may be missed. So much for fine planning! But the chain manager can also help you here. During the journey he constantly monitors the status of each element of the chain. When and where necessary he will alter the travel schedule and inform all the relevant parties accordingly.


The duties of a chain manager can be carried out at a call centre. In order to be able to carry out these duties well, all staff must have a modern telecom infrastructure to provide them with quick and easy access to various (real-time) sources of information, such as timetables, travel planners, costs overviews, reservation modules, etc. It is also possible for a self-service web site to take over the role of chain manager, by providing travellers with a portal with which they can plan and book themselves their journey from door to door. Changes in the journey can be passed on to the traveller by automatically generated e-mails or SMS.



T&T Solutions has a wealth of experience in the development of solutions that simplify the job of the chain manager and make the traveller's journey more pleasant. T&T Solutions has, for example, developed an integral system which a chain manager can use to carry out his processes. From planning the most optimum journey and monitoring it, to altering the journey if necessary and providing clear invoices and information. In order to provide the (business) traveller with true ‘one-stop-shopping’ the chain manager can issue him a personal card. With this the traveller is able to pay for every type of transport, whether it be a bus, train or rental car. The traveller determines for which type of transport the card will be used.


The cardholder plans and books his entire business trip with a single telephone call to a call centre. The travel details are passed on to him via fax, e-mail or telephone, and also the transport companies are informed accordingly. The travel details of each traveller are stored in a database. This way the next time a call is made to arrange a trip the chain manager knows immediately that, for example, Mr Jones doesn't smoke and wants plenty of legroom. In the event of complications during the journey the chain manager puts together a new travel schedule and informs the cardholder accordingly. And periodically the cardholder receives just one invoice, which states all the travel costs. This way travelling becomes truly carefree!


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