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za jul 31, 2021
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Always an optimum planning


As a transport company you deal with customers or consignments who has to be picked-up precisely on time and brought to their destination as quickly as possible. This requirement can, however, clash with your efforts to be efficient. Ideally you do not want your vehicles to be driving around without ‘payload’. Besides you have to deal with the legal regulations regarding work and rest times and the conditions to perform transport services and , if possible, with the personal preferences of your drivers.

Computerising the entire planning process with Keiro of EDS T&T Solutions simplifies the work of your planners considerably and ensures that your fleet is deployed more efficiently. Keiro can be deployed in a number of situations, for example (street)taxis, airport shuttles, school busses, special transport for disabled, pallet distribution and container haulage.



Responding to a call

Keiro computerises the entire planning process of street taxis. The result is an optimum dynamic planning that meets all conditions that you have entered and that can be modified according to the actual situation. For example, in the event of delays. In theory, central staff only have to deal with solving 'irregularities'. Journeys that cannot be planned on the basis of the entered rules appear clearly in a separate window at the bottom of the screen. The central staff then have the task of solving these 'problem cases', for example, by deploying extra cars and drivers or asking the help of a fellow taxi company.


Demand-responsive transport services

Keiro is also equipped for the complex planning process of demand-responsive transport services. Maximum services can be offered to large groups of passengers while minimising the size of your fleet. Keiro has proven to be successful in the planning of airport shuttles, school busses and special transport for disabled persons.


Distribution of freight

For truck companies it is a question of undertaking efficient journeys. Ideally, trucks should never be empty or only part full. Planners involved in freight transport can therefore benefit from Keiro when planning journeys.


Direct shipmentsShipments through the Flownet Network
Source: Letterror & René de Haan

Source: Letterror & René de Haan

A very successful implementation of Keiro can be seen at Flownet, a high frequency network of transport connections between the major cities in the Randstad (

Shippers can use Flownet web to combine their shipments and, in so doing, increase their load factor and lower their costs. Five distribution centres at the various major cities in the Randstad form the logistical core.


Access via Internet

Partnerships of shippers and/or operators use Keiro for planning and optimizing their activities. The planning tool can be accessed via Internet. In this way the partners can easily share data, while not having to invest heavily in their infrastructure and software.  


More work with fewer people

Companies that use Keiro for their operational transport management can eventually realize considerable savings. Not only can central staff and planners plan more journeys per person, but often fewer vehicles and drivers are needed. Keiro can be easily integrated with front and back office systems. This means that you can continue benefiting from your investments in, for example, software for call centers, dispatch centers, administration, communication with lorries, ERP and Internet.


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