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Date: February 2010

We are proud to present the first edition of the HP Enterprise Services eBrief, a quarterly e-mail communication from the Journey Planner Development Team in Utrecht, The Netherlands, providing information of recent developments related to the HP Journey Planner and HP Real-time Travel Information Services.

This eBrief is distributed to all Technical Users and License Holders of HP's Journey Planner, as well as subject matter experts of passenger travel information services in general.

Enjoy your reading,
HP Journey Planner Development Team

Real-time departure times at

Last week the REISinformatiegroep bv has implemented a Live Departure Board on their website The REISinformatiegroep (RIG) is an independent information provider for Dutch public transport. RIG is a collaborative initiative of all public transport companies in The Netherlands: Dutch Railways, regional transport and urban transport companies. 9292 is the trademark of RIG.

This new webpage of RIG is directly fed by HP's Real-time Travel Information Services. The live departure boards for train stations are generated by HP's Real-time Departure Service based on the real-time train data from ProRail, the Dutch Rail Infrastructure Manager.

Originally this service was developed by HP on behalf on the Dutch Railways (NS). It is expected that in 2010 more 3rd parties will be connected to this information service.

Disruptions visualised on Real-time Railway Map at

Early February 2010 HP implemented a Real-time Railway Map for the Dutch Railways (NS). It is located on the homepage of their website The Real-time Railway Map visualizes disruptions and planned maintenance in The Netherlands.

The Map is directly fed by HP's Real-time Travel Information Services. Disruptions are generated by HP's Real-time Disruption Service based on the real-time train data from ProRail, the Dutch Rail Infrastructure Manager.
HP also developed the user interface of the maps, including the navigation in the maps.

On the 9th of February a major disruption occurred at the station of 's-Hertogenbosch (also known as Den Bosch).

Bomb scare at Dutch train station

Published on 9 February 2010 - 11:06am

In Den Bosch, a city in the southern part of the Netherlands, both the train station and a number of houses adjacent to it have been evacuated after a bomb scare on Tuesday morning.
A spokesperson for the Dutch railways has said that there was a bomb aboard the train, however, the police hasnít confirmed this, and maintains that they are still searching for the bomb.
The incident began when a man traveling on board the intercity from Roosendaal to Zwolle announced that he was carrying a bomb. The man has been taken into custody and all train traffic to and from Den Bosch has been halted until further notice.
(c) Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Information regarding this major disruption was presented on the overview as follows:

When zoomed in at the region:

And when clicked on the disrupted track or any station for detailed information:

Offering public transport travel information obliged

Press release 12/11/2009 by Dutch Ministry of Transport

State Secretary Huizinga (Ministry of Transport) wants public transport (OV) travelers to have access to real-time travel information anywhere, anytime and for free. Carriers are required to make this information available.

The State Secretary Huizinga made this statement in liaison with the Houses of Parliament.

The OV-traveler now gets a travel advice via 9292ov which does not take delays and disruptions into account.

National Data-warehouse Public Transport (NDOV)

To ensure that travelers can obtain real-time and free travel information, the government, county and metropolitan regions (the transport authorities) will become the principal of the National Datawarehouse OV. The development and maintenance of NDOV will be tendered.

Rates and accessibility

Huizinga will also require carriers to make available information about rates based on the OV-chip card and information about the accessibility of public transport for people with disabilities.

Outcomes that matter.


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