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Date: September 2012

This eBrief is distributed to all Technical Users and License Holders of HP's Journey Planner, as well as subject matter experts of passenger travel information services in general. This eBrief provides information of recent developments related to the HP Journey Planner and HP Real-time Travel Information Services.

Enjoy your reading,
HP Journey Planner Development Team, Utrecht, The Netherlands

New free text Disruption Message

Early this year the new module National Disruption Message was added to the HP Real-time Information Service. With this module the staff of rail operator NS can manually enter a free text message regarding a major disruption which affects all trains and all travelers.

The message is shown on the website and/or in a journey advice when the actual or the planned travel time falls within the time window of the disruption

The manual National Disruption message is added to the existing Local Disruption and the Planned Disruption/Maintenance messages, which are received from the infrastructure manager ProRail. The new message always gets priority above the others.

New Statistics Report shows heavy load

The logfiles of the HP Real-time Journey Planner are now also used by the new Statistics Report module. The Statistics Report gives the totals per day of Real-time Journey Advices, Real-time Departure Times, Transfer Information, Disruptions and Service Information.

Since January 1st the Statistics are produced on a monthly basis for NS as part of the service reporting.

The Statistics Report shows, among others, that during the heavy snowfall on February 3rd, a record was marked of 183.000 travel advices in one hour and 1.2 million in one day. This is a 20% increase of the previous record set in January 2011.

9292 believes in Open Data

This summer the REISinformatiegroep started with publishing the timetables of all public transport operators on their website.

The REISinformatiegroep (RIG) is a collaborative initiative of all public transport companies in The Netherlands. 9292 is the trademark of RIG.

The data files can be downloaded for free and may be used for developing applications and websites.

The train data from NS is in the IFF format. This International File Format is developed and maintained by HP Enterprise Services as the standard input file for the HP Journey Planner. Documentation of this file format can also be found on the website of 9292.

Status of project National Data Public Transport

By the end of 2012 the real-time public transport data for the whole of The Netherlands should become available via a National Database Public Transport (ND-OV). Minister Schultz decided to further develop the existing databases to become the ND-OV, rather than building a new data warehouse from scratch.

Recent studies proved that a central storage of the data is not required. Extending existing databases, like 9292, GOVI and NS, is a better option, according to Minister Schultz in a letter to the Parliament. The Minister also reports that initiatives in the market are developing. 9292 and Google make static timetable data available for other parties. And NS already gives real-time travel information via an API. However, it is not clear when and how the real-time data for all modalities will be made available.

Therefore the Dutch Government will still hold control on the results as long as desired and needed. The Government will take the lead by opening two virtual counters; one for bus/metro/tram data and one for train data. The Government guarantees the availability of the data to parties, who will use the data to feed their information services, for at least three years.

The letter of Minister Schultz is in Dutch and can be found here.

HP in the spotlight of ReisWijzer

In the July issue of the ReisWijzer, the Relation Magazine of 9292, an interview with three players in the Open Data Arena was published. Ovitech, openOV and HP Enterprise Services shared their vision on the opportunities and threads for 9292.

Outcomes that matter.


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