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Date: April 2013

This eBrief is distributed to all Technical Users and License Holders of HP's Journey Planner, as well as subject matter experts of passenger travel information services in general. This eBrief provides information of recent developments related to the HP Journey Planner and HP Real-time Travel Information Services.

Enjoy your reading,
HP Journey Planner Development Team, Utrecht, The Netherlands

HP/Andes Consortium selected for Pre-Commercial Procurement
of Real-time Public Transport Planner

The Dutch Ministry of I&M (Infrastructure & Environment) and five Regions are working together to improve the multimodal travel information. Key deliverables are dynamic planning functions for public transport, which can be applied for 'Beter Benutten' (Use Better) initiatives.

The goal of the project is to establish a market for Public Transport Journey Planners with at least the following functionality:

  • All public transport modalities and operators of The Netherlands
  • Stop-to-Stop journey planning
  • Including (scheduled) maintenance work and (unexpected) disruptions
  • Including arrival and departure time predictions/expectations

The project was started in the summer of 2012 with a number of open market consultations. The outcome was that the best way forward was by a Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP): a knowledge sharing and mutual investing co-operation (see explanation below).
In January 2013 consortia could subscribe for this PCP and finally five consortia were selected by the Ministry of I&M to participate. The consortium of HP/Andes is one of these five.
The deadline for the delivery of API's to the Public Transport Journey Planner of HP and the Maps of Andes is 31th August 2013. The functionality has to be maintained till End of 2014. 

Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP)

PCP is a method for public purchasers to finance the development of ground-breaking solutions to a problem, in view of future commercial procurement of large volumes of end products.
PCP should ensure equal treatment, non-discrimination and transparency, based on a competitive development in phases, ensuring maximum competition, openness, fairness and pricing at market conditions.

Customer Loyalty Award

The Customer Loyalty Award is awarded by HP to the individual colleague or team that has contributed to an improved customer relation. The nominees for the Customer Loyalty Award that was granted during the All Employee Meeting of March 21st were the NS Account Team, the Microsoft Azure Project Manager and the Robeco Account Team.

We have to congratulate the Robeco Account Team with winning the Customer Loyalty award, but we are equally proud for being nominated and becoming the first runner-up for this prestigious award.

The NS Account team (part of)

An abstract from the jury report is:

Application Team for the NS Travel Information application (Enterprise Services)

Key for NS is the continuous availability of trustworthy travel information for the passengers. Especially during the winter period this is crucial as there are millions of travelplan search requests from passengers. The requested travel advices increased from the daily average of 1Million to a peakload of 3 Million on a single day.

In January of this year, the team responsible for managing the applications that form the core of this travel information was asked to provide increased and extended 24 by 7 support for 14 days in a row on top of regular services. They kept the travel information up to date, performed extra checks and supported NS logistic planners during the adapted travel schedules.

NS has regained confidence in this planner due to the commitment and dedication of this team.

JIT module soon extended with attribute functionality

On behalf of the Finnish Railways (VR) the attribute functionality will be added in the new release of the Just In Timetable (JIT) module, which is part of the HP Real-time Journey Planner. With this function a multiple attribute can be added or deleted for a service stop. In the journey advice the real-time attributes for a stop will be shown.

Examples of such attributes on an InterCity2 between Helsinki and Tampere:
- Allergiapaikka (Allergic Passenger Seat)
- Paikka leikkitilan vierestä (Playroom)
And at Pikajuna on the line between Tampere and Rovaniemi:
- Vaunu, jossa on tupakointitila (Car with smoking room)

Outcomes that matter.


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