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za jul 31, 2021

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Date: October 2013

This eBrief is distributed to all Technical Users and License Holders of HP's Journey Planner, as well as subject matter experts of passenger travel information services in general. This eBrief provides information of recent developments related to the HP Journey Planner and HP Real-time Travel Information Services.

Enjoy your reading,
HP Journey Planner Development Team, Utrecht, The Netherlands

First milestone delivered for Pre-Commercial Procurement of Real-time Public Transport Planner

The project 'Multimodal Travel Information', which is managed by Province Noord Brabant on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of I&M (Infrastructure and Environment) and five regions, has delivered the first milestone.

The goal of the project is to improve the multimodal travel information. Services should become available for travelers to plan their trip, to monitor the trip, to alert the traveler that a delay or cancellation has occurred for their planned train or bus and finally to advice the traveler on alternatives to continue the trip.

The cooperation between the suppliers and the government has created the foundation for service providers to develop their own apps. It is expected that the number of service providers will increase soon, resulting in a competitive market and innovative product developments.

The consortium of HP/Andes was one out of five consortia which has developed a Public Transport Journey Planner, called ARIS, and installed in the HP Virtual Cloud.

An example of a multimodal journey advice for a trip with a Connexxion bus, a NS train and a GVB bus:

The ARIS Journey Planner has the following functionality:

  • All public transport modalities and operators of The Netherlands
  • Stop-to-Stop journey planning
  • Real-time journey planning
    • Including (scheduled) maintenance work and (unexpected) disruptions
    • Including predicted or expected arrival and departure times
  • Subscription for trip monitoring and alerting
  • Visualization of the planned trip on a map

An example of a trip, which is monitored:

An example of a delay of 10 minutes on the first leg of the trip. The transfer to the planned second leg is not possible anymore, resulting in the message 'leg-change-not-possible':

An example of a re-planned travel advice due to the delay of the original planned trip:

The map is delivered by Andes via their Map API.

The project 'Multimodal Travel Information' is now defining the next milestone(s). More information will be published in the next eBrief.

Interviews with Minister Schultz van Haegen and the Project Manager Klijn regarding the project 'Multimodal Travel Information'

Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen of the Dutch Ministry of I&M (Infrastructure and Environment) was interviewed on June 21th by InfraSite. The Dutch article can be read here.

Project Manager Gerbrand Klijn of the Province Noord-Brabant was interviewed on July 8th by InfraSite. The article, also in Dutch, can be read here.


HP will participate on the following events:

  • Rail Experience 2013 from November 13-14 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • HP Discover 2013 from December 10-12 in Barcelona, Spain
  • NDOV Marketing Event 'PlanLab' on December 12 in Amersfoort, The Netherlands


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